Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Theft, Crime and STUPID Tourists

Theft and Crime on the Rise in Costa Rica... I wonder why?.

The above was reported in my favorite 'Daily English-language 'internet' news source Monday through Friday', AM Costa Rica. But I won't be BASHING them TODAY.

You know, the stupidity of people appears to know NO BOUNDS, at least judging by the above SCAM. In this day and age of infinite amounts of easily accessible INFO, there's just NO excuse for not knowing certain things. Okay, skip that, even a 15-year old has heard, "If it sounds to GOOD to be true..."

Okay, crime IS on the rise in Costa Rica, but no where near the proportions of places like Detroit and most cities in the US, but if crime is on the RISE, then so is STUPIDITY... especially from you tourist types.

You know who you are............ actually, you probably DON'T- you're too stupid to recognize yourself.

Let's see if I can HELP you to I-D-E-N-T-I-F-Y.

Do you....

...believe SHIT like this? You have just been awarded,750,000.00 GBP in the 2009 Online Siemens Lottery,send us the following... or the lady from India who can't access her account and needs your help to do so... and of course she'll pay you back, it's guaranteed.

...believe the nice man on the beach who speaks perfect English when he tells you he'll watch your stuff while you frolic in the ocean waves.

...think your $2,000. SLR camera is fine on the seat of your rental while you run in and get some money from the bank.

...wear Bermuda shorts pulled up to your waist?

...think you LOOK better whitewater rafting, ziplining through the jungle, waterfall rappelling, ATV'ing etc. wearing massive amounts of expensive jewelery?

...leave valuables in your rental car overnight in the hotel parking lot because there's a security guard there?

...go to sleep on the bus while your laptop is in the overhead?

...believe the guy that tells you he knows the BEST souvenir shop, hotel or restaurant?

...know NOT everyone is GENUINE about helping you FIX your flat tire or wiping off the mustard they accidentally spilled on your shirt?

...have 'TOURIST' tattooed on your forehead?

...believe because someone speaks ENGLISH, they are believable or have your best interest at heart?

...think because your hotel room is locked that your valuables are necessarily safe?

...carry large amounts of cash or other valuables at night when you go out on the town?

If you've answered 'YES' to any of these, even the one about knowing the BEST souvenir shop, I really do have some land here you can get pretty cheap... and NO, it's not SWAMP land. Seriously, I do.

My favorite thing about stupid tourists- they're usually the ones who complain the MOST and the LOUDEST- telling anyone who will listen to their horror story of how crime ridden and dangerous Costa Rica IS. And if these, 'no taking responsibility, complaining, whining, pointing the finger' types happen to be writers or bloggers on the internet- LOOK OUT, because they can have some serious negative IMPACT, since Henry and Martha from Omaha tend to believe these IDIOTS.

CRIME and theft are on the RISE because STUPIDITY is on the RISE. Costa Rica is a GREAT country to live or visit, but like anywhere else on the fuck'in PLANET, precautions need to be taken, AWARENESS is a must and homework should be done BEFORE hand.... and could you at least try and fit in a bit more? Have you NOT heard, "When in Rome....?"

I still hold that 95% of theft and crime is YOUR FAULT.

*and please, I know their are situations when precautions were taken, but BAD things still happened. This is an exception and NOT the rule, so don't bore me with your HORROR story- SHIT HAPPENS... even BAD shit.

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