Monday, March 7, 2011

Tabacon FREE Hot Springs- Backpackers Delight

Tabacon Hot Springs located just outside La Fortuna, Costa Rica is considered fairly pricey to most. But Tabacon isn't just any hot springs- Tabacon is 'THE' hot springs... and they know it. Tabacon does have a little competition with the newer and maybe more luxurious The Springs Resort and Spa but just comparing hot springs, Tabacon is still #1 in my mind, but then again, I still prefer Michael Jordan over Kobe, there's just those hard to explain intangibles... know what I mean? Tabacon doesn't care if you can afford them or not, because plenty of people can and DO on a daily basis so they keep their prices 'pricey' and keep the little people wishing. Unfortunately, the locals who live in and around La Fortuna ARE the little people and the closest most will ever come to Tabacon is by working for them, other than that Tabacon offers NOTHING in the way of 'discounts' for people in the area. It's their right, but something just seems WRONG... but I digress.

Chillaxin at Tabacon's FREE Hot Springs.

That's why all who live in the La Fortuna area go to the
FREE hot springs at Tabacon. It's like our very own, 'fuck you' to 'the man'. So as the tourist pays upwards of $100 bucks per person for the privilege of drinking high priced umbrella drinks in hot water, us little people take a cooler of beer and some greasy chicken and soak up the hot water for FREE. The best part- not an alligator skinned, saggy-titted, blue hair from Florida in SIGHT and trust me, that's a good thing, because during high season, they often arrive by the bus loads and turn Tabacon into a series of huge geriatric jacuzzis.

Here's our VIDEO about the FREE Hot Springs at Tabacon

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