Sunday, July 21, 2013

Pizza John Passes Away- so Sucks

Sad days. Our friend, John Divita aka Pizza John, passed away 2 days ago succumbing to that Bitch, cancer. For those of you who had the pleasure of knowing John realize what a devastating loss this is and for those of you who didn't, your loss. Always a smile, always a kind word, and if he could help you, he would. The kinda guy who just wouldn't give you the shirt off his back... but his shoes and socks as well and a couple bucks to get you to where you were goin'. Quality guy. Personally, for me, it's doubly sad because I had just run into John at the bank a couple weeks prior to his diagnosis and he was so excited about his future plans. He couldn't tell me the particulars because he had a few things to iron out but man, was he giddy with excitement. Matter of fact, us doing videos for his 'secret' endeavor were also discussed. I was so happy for him.... and he had just recently gotten married. Fuck, this sucks.

'Pizza John', because he ran a pizza place in el Castillo about 30 minutes off the beaten path from La Fortuna. He catered to the backpacker crowd and if you've ever been to his place, great pizza and he use to let everyone who went there sign his wall, or should I say building.... hundreds and hundreds of remarks, signatures, quotes, well wishes etc., from people all over the world. We've even signed it. And I know whoever visited John's place were also touched by him- he was just that type of guy.

Gonna miss you man. I bought a bottle of Flora de Cana in your honor.... one shot for me and one shot for you by me- repeat again and again. And for the record, I don't really want you to rest in peace, I hope you get the fuckin' party started...

John was one of the first videos we ever did about 5 years ago. So in his honor-

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