Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Relocation Tour in Costa Rica by michael alan & D'Angelo

Thinking about moving to Costa Rica? Relocating to Costa Rica? Retiring to Costa Rica? Well, before you do, you need to do your homework- BIG TIME! Part of that homework should be to visit here and get a little perspective from some folks who actually live here and don't have an agenda to sell you something. Because when someone has an agenda, it obviously skews the information, which makes it difficult to make an informed decision. That's where we come in.

We've been doing 'living here in Costa Rica' videos for quite awhile now along with our 'traveling to Costa Rica' videos and the former have become somewhat popular based on the comments and emails we've received in the last few years. So, we've decided to conduct our own tours, which we call, 'michael alan & D'Angelo's Truth Costa Rica Tour'. The good the bad and the ugly of living in Costa Rica with no agenda to sell you anything. Our goal is to offer our perspective, experience and expertise of living in Costa Rica so the folks who go on our tour, by the end, will know whether relocating to Costa Rica is a good idea for them or not. That's it. Check out our initial video launching our new idea- michael alan & D'Angelo's Truth Costa Rica Tour. ENjoY!

TONS of Costa Rica Tavel Info and VIDEOS on our websitc: Travel Costa Rica NOW and if you want to visit our YouTube Channel: iCostaRica24 ENjoY!