Monday, December 29, 2008

Conversion/Exchange Rate in Costa Rica

Well, to be honest, don't really want to write about any serious topics- it being the end of the year and all. I think I'd like to keep it 'light'.

Here's a video DAngelo and myself made for people who want to visit Costa Rica and aren't really sure of the 'money' system here (conversion/exchange rate etc). Actually, the Video was made for our other site the Costa Rica Travel Channel where there are literally hundreds of videos pertaining to Costa Rica. We're kind of like the YouTube of Costa Rica. D'Angelo and I make a lot of Travel Tip Videos for people interested in visiting Costa Rica and they can be found on the Costa Rica Travel Channel as well.

Here's our Video about Costa Rica money:

You can find all kinds of information on Costa Rica if you go to the Travel Costa Rica NOW website