Friday, December 26, 2008

Manuel Antonio National Park Costa Rica

What trip to Manuel Antonio Costa Rica would be complete without a trip to the Manuel Antonio National Park?

You’re right, it wouldn’t.

Manuel Antonio National Park is actually one of the smallest in Costa Rica, but IS one of the most visited. So much so, they limit the amount of guests per day, (currently 600). So, think about arriving early, plus, early provides a better chance of viewing wildlife, since many animals tend to be more active earlier rather than later.

You WILL see a sloth(s). You will see white-faced capuchin monkeys, howlers, and squirrel monkeys, although the latter will be a little more difficult. You’ll see the colorful crabs, not by the beach, but on the main pathway, kudamundies (raccoon family), iguanas, plus the beaches in the park are FAR superior to the main beach in Manuel Antonio, meaning, more animals, more scenic, and less crowded - always a good thing.

Bring those cameras; you will rarely get this close to white-faced capuchin monkeys that aren’t behind bars. Unfortunately, they’re fairly comfortable around humans, but boy does it offer a great chance at the perfect pic or video.

Here’s our take on Manuel Antonio National Park:

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laurent gaget said...

watch out!!!
if you go to Manuel Antonio don't go to the beach at night!!! We got robbed by somone with a gun who took all our money.. And everyone knows about it, they even said that there are 3 men who do that. Curiously there is no Police.. so be very careful in Manuel antonio.. I don't know about other places but be careful..

Unknown said...

Normally it's malpais that gets the bad rap, not manuel antonio,,,always good to be aware of your surroundings..................anywhere you are, thanx for the heads-up.