Friday, January 16, 2009

Do'in DRUGS in Costa Rica

You may or may not be somewhat surprised to know I get quite a few emails asking me about the legalities of drug use in Costa Rica, while others just come right out and ask, “Where can I score some decent weed?” Usually, the emails ARE about pot (or mota as it’s called by the locals), but every once in awhile I’ll get asked about Coke and other ‘harder’ drugs. So, I've decided to put all the drug related answers in one place, (namely in the video below). BTW- I’m not a dealer or a go-between, so I don’t know where you can score anything, but I do know a few things about drugs in Costa Rica- you know, the stuff I read in the paper and see on the news.

On a side note, I’ve often wondered, do I look like a ‘pot smoker,’ sound like a ‘pot smoker’ or are the people that keep up with me, and/or read my blog and see my videos just comfortable asking. Whatever, I don’t mind. I’m here to provide Info for people interested in traveling to Costa Rica- whatever the hell that entails.

The first thing to know is, like most laws here, they tend to have the ‘bark is worse than the bite’ thing goin’ on. The drugs laws ARE on the books, but they don’t seem to be enforced, at least for the casual drug user. If you’re even half-way discreet, you can pretty much smoke ‘anywhere’. The second thing you need to know is- contrary to popular belief, Costa Rican pot is NOT quality stuff. You would think living in such a climate, someone would figure out a way to grow some quality weed. Well, it may be out there, but I can assure you, it's the exception to the rule. So when someone tells you it's the good stuff, more often than not, LIES.

Let’s make this a little more fun. Just watch the video, it’s accurate and will pretty much explain anything you want to know- And feel free to sing along if you know the words.

Just so we're clear- CRYSTAL CLEAR- if you decide to do drugs in Costa Rica- it IS at your own risk. I do NOT endorse anything, I just provide relevant information, for you the traveler.

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Marcie Hascall Clark said...

I am soooo laughing.
We moved to our farm in Montano de Bagaces, Guanacaste back in 1997. "Quaint" little campo with the pulperia, church, school, community hall and our home around the square.
A few weeks after our arrival I told my husband that if I didn't KNOW better I'd swear there was a drug deal going on behind the church, night after night.
He told me I must be stoned.

Unknown said...

You may have been....haha, but I bet you were right. Here, in la fortuna, right in the middle of the park, day or night, cops or not.....for some, a good thing, others a bad.....hehe. Thanx for reading.

andrés quesada said...

We really don't need any of your lame invitations for the white-trash to come and ruin our reputation as a turistic destination more than it already is, thanks in part to idiots such as yourselves.

You keep posting bullshit like this, pretty soon someone (E.G.: me) is going to make friends with somebody at inmigration and you are going to end up taking your sorry asses back to the U.S.

Wonder what took me so long to finally visit your little bloggie...

When are you guys getting a life?