Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Do'in Costa Rica Becomes a 3Some

I'd like to introduce an extension to my 'Do'in Costa Rica' blog that you may or may not have noticed (or CARED, for that matter). I've decided to put all 'GAY' related posts in one place, which from now on will be on the 'Do'in GAY Costa RICA' blog site. I'm sure many of you get a little tired of the 'gay' posts, and probably don't have any interest in seeing or reading gay oriented articles anyway. So from NOW on, GAY is on one side, Costa Rica NEWS on another, and Do'in Costa Rica will do what it does best, which is to offer Costa Rica Travel Tip VIDEOS, and my perspective and information about Costa Rica in general- and I'll leave the 'gay' to itself, after all, it will only be one click away, so it's not like its confined to the 'closet' or anything. Thanx ,no matter which part of 'Do'in Costa Rica' you ENjOy!

Here's a few NEW 'GAY' posts you will find at Do'in GAY Costa RICA:

Gay Costa Rican MEN- Condoms Anyone?
Abercam La Fortuna- GAY Tico FUN
GAY La Fortuna- Palo Verde Gay Party Review
Bochinche's Night Club in San Jose
GAY Costa Rica - the Gay Traveler
Gay Traveler vs. Living GAY in Costa Rica
GAY Costa Rica- Pucho's Night Club in San Jose

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