Sunday, June 7, 2009

"I'm a Celebrity..." - Costa Rica doesn't CARE

'Heidi Pratt of I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here', before the Puking and Diarrhea.'

I just read (very accidentally of course) the show, 'I'm a Celebrity- Get Me Out of Here', being filmed here in Costa Rica has had a casualty of sorts with one of the 'celebrity's ' , Heidi Pratt. It appears she's been taken to the hospital for some kind of stomach issue. Hopefully not just a bout of bulimia... sorry, couldn't resist

I won't spend much time on this post since I definitely made my feelings known about my thoughts of this show being filmed in Costa Rica, and 'REALITY SHOW'S' in general... AND the fact I'm giving this any TIME at all seems somewhat hypocritical. The post is here: Reality TV in Costa Rica- Say it isn't SO.

I swear I'm not a bad guy, I generally care about people and don't really want to see harm come to anyone. But could a stomach 'WHATEVER' happen to a nicer BITCH? There's a part of me (hopefully small), that hopes Mrs. Pratt is bent over the toilet trying to decide whether to puke or shit and contemplating the consequences of perhaps making the wrong decision. NOW, that's REALITY I can empathize with.

Poor Heidi, she's UPSET and not feeling so much like a Celebrity>>>>>>>

After all, how dare she and the rest of the 'has-beens' and 'wannabe's' come down to my country, yeah, I said it, and take it for GRANTED... EXPLOIT it for the sake of entertainment and personal gain and not EXPECT Mother Nature's first son, Costa Rica, to leave you with a little something, something. A woman's scorn... sweet.

I was going to Rant a little more, but I'm going cliche NOW, this video pretty much let's you know how I feel. WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE BABY............... YOU'RE GONNA DIEEEEE. (I know, a little dramatic, plus I'm half kidding, so RELAX), Now, if I could just get a poison dart frog to jump in Janice Dickinson's MOUTH...

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