Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Costa Rica Schools have it TOUGH!

Costa Rica provides education to every child.... but financial resources are spread thin, so the responsibility of providing even the most basic of school needs, such as toilet paper and soap, are placed squarely on the shoulders of the parents.

* Many are too poor to contribute ANYTHING *

I've written many times about how Costa Rica likes to market 'perception', and really, few countries do it better than this one. Ask someone their thoughts on Costa Rica and the following words and phrases will automatically be linked to the, 'Switzerland of Latin America': happy, eco-friendly, carbon neutral, GREEN, simple life, Blue Zone, organic, self-sustainable, pura vida, paradise......I'm sure you get the picture.

Basic School supplies are often nonexistent, scarce or just plain out-dated and worn.

Back to education. Costa Rica LOVES to brag about their 'literacy' rate, which IS one of the highest in Latin America, second only to Cuba. But they hammer this statistic so much, because it's all about perception, to the outside world it would appear Costa Rica has a pretty good public educational system- this is NOT TRUE. And personally, if they were a little more forthright about their situation, I think they would receive MUCH more outside help as many people would gladly send slightly used books, educational toys and/or other cheap materials like paper and pencils.

Here's our NEW VIDEO about Public Schools in Costa Rica and what a few people can do to EFFECT CHANGE:

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mauricio said...

hello there!!! love your video!!!! let me ask you is the school located in los angeles near la fortuna? i am going over there next month and would like to help!!!!

Unknown said...

Yup Maurico, that's the ONE. and THANX, appreciate it.

Mireille Esponda said...

Hi guys, I teach Pre-kindergarten here in Connecticut and are headed there in May. I'd love to pack my extras suitcase with crayons, pencils, glue, scissors, and construction paper. Any chance you could arrange for me to visit the school. It would be great to pair up and make them our "sister" school and then when we have extra supplies we could ship them there. Maybe even create a penpal relationship! Thanks!

Unknown said...

Hey Mireille,,,,could TOTALLY arrange that, let us know. and THANX!

Anonymous said...

Hey guys,
I'm a student from Georgia heading over to Costa Rica in the Fall. Are there any on-going efforts within the schools that you would recommend me being apart of right now?