Thursday, June 16, 2011

Norman in a BOX

I'm often a strong critic of Costa Rica but really, it's only because I LOVE it here and I care. If I didn't, I wouldn't give a shit and I wouldn't say shit. It's the same reason you would tell your child they have body odor and not the bum on the street- know what I mean?

I haven't been in the States for almost 3 years but just returned after a week with family in Ohio and a week of partying in New York. Both were GREAT! But as great a time I had, I couldn't wait to get back home to Costa Rica. Being in the States just reminded me of why I never want to live there again. I sorta view the US like many people view New York City, love to visit but wouldn't want to live there.

I'm sure my brother and his family wouldn't mind if I compared them to the, 'Leave it to Beaver' family, because really, it's a fairly accurate comparison. Although Zack, my nephew, would have to snort Coke and drink a 6-pack every day to get in as much trouble as the 'Beaver', and my sister-in-law is also no June, I'd say more of a nicer, prettier Rosanne Barr. But the family dynamic is pretty much spot-on.

I think the best way to describe my brother's family is to describe my brother and his house. He lives in the same town where we were raised as kids and has worked at Kroger's (big grocery store chain) since he was like 17, he's 43 now. Goes to work every day, church on Sundays and has all the trappings you'd expect, nice home, 2 cars, 2 motorcycles, flat screen, fenced in yard with 2 dogs and big-ass basement that contains about 73 duct-taped, boxes of memories. Pretty much my family about 10 years ago, except I think my son was snorting coke back then. lol

He loves his life and I'm happy for him and his family. But secretly his life saddens me. So safe, so predictable, so comforting, and to me, so pathetic. Where's the life in a fenced in yard of STUFF? And really, no matter how important you think your 'stuff' is, at the end of days it will wind up in a garage sale. Yes, even the complete set of gold-plated, special edition, Norman Rockwell plates that cost you 3 months salary and will undoubtedly have various family members feuding for years after your death, will ultimately (I said ultimately) find themselves on ebay no matter how much they may have meant to you.

Norman in a box... Where's the respect?

I just want to SHAKE HIM out of his complacency and tell him there's a great BIG WORLD out there and the experiences are endless.

But here I am, sitting in La Fortuna, Costa Rica enjoying my life but still wondering where I'm going to come up with $230. to pay my next month's rent. Yeah, I'm livin the DREAM *wink*... and while my brother and his family are off on a 3-week vacation to Maine, I'm just wishin I owned a complete set of gold-plated, special edition, Norman Rockwell plates... you know, so I could pay the rent.

Great song that pretty much sums up how I feel about the US. So take 2 minutes, I'm sure you'll enjoy it.

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