Wednesday, September 14, 2011

PEOPLE I (we) like to Sleep WITH

"HEY! michael alan from Travel Costa Rica NOW, we rented a Vamos 4X4 like you guys recommended and LOVE IT...two thumbs UP!"

Living in a tourist town like La Fortuna, Costa Rica, we often get the opportunity to talk with folks who have seen our videos or cruised around our blogs and website. Usually, it's because they recognize us on the street and are kind enough to come up and say, "Thanx guys, we appreciate all the INFO, keep up the good work." It happened to me yesterday while riding my bike. These guys were so NICE- said they had seen most of our videos and were doing many of the things on their travels that we had recommended. As a matter of fact, they had just had pizza at 'Just Good Food' who we had just done a video for (you can see it HERE if you want) and they loved it.... *At first I was a little nervous to ask if they enjoyed the food, because although I love 'Just Good Food' every now and then they under cook the pizza.... WHEW!

Which leads me to my point.

We take what we DO very seriously and are very cautious on who we 'get in bed with'. We don't want to be like 'most' websites pertaining to Costa Rica travel, which seem intent on 'pushing paradise' at any cost in order to make a few bucks off unsuspecting tourists.

Travel Costa Rica NOW won't go to bed with just ANYONE either.

If the people or businesses we get in bed with aren't all they say they are, then we're NOT interested and if we were to get hookwinked for a minute or two, we'd tell you and then KICK the BUSINESS to the CURB. So, just like yesterday, we're fairly certain 9 out of 10 people will LOVE Vamos 4X4 if they rent a car from them and the same goes for Gecko Trail Adventures, who is the travel agency we recommend (video below). When we were researching if we wanted to recommend Vamos 4X4 or not, we were talking with the owner, George S. and he told me he wasn't in it for the money, rather he loved what he was doing and if he couldn't do it with integrity and honesty than he wouldn't do it.. and unlike many Costa Rican businesses here, he does believe the 'Customer is King', and take my word, although that's mostly true in the United States, it isn't here- so it's appreciated. And after further investigation, he wasn't kidding. And the exact same principles are held by the folks at Gecko Trail Adventures. I can't tell you how nice and refreshing it is to run into like minded people or businesses here in Costa Rica.

And the same goes for the Adventure Tours D'Angelo and I will be selling in La Fortuna, when we say we will SAVE you a TON of money, we hope you know it's TRUE (actually, do your homework and compare, we're sure you'll be BACK!)

I'll HANG here until you decide to come back.

Anyway, THANX to all the people who take the time to give us a SHOUT OUT! And also want to say, "THANX" to the folks at Vamos 4X4 and Gecko Trail Adventures for believing in us as much as we believe in THEM. pura vida.

In case you haven't seen them, our videos for Vamos 4X4 Car Rental Agency and the Travel Agency we work with and recommend, Gecko Trail Adventures. ENjoY!

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