Saturday, November 5, 2011

IT'S TRUE! Our Tours are the CHEAPEST! yeah.

We sell tours in La Fortuna Costa Rica SO CHEAP, you can do them TWICE!

Hey Everyone! Just wanted to share a nice email we received this morning. It speaks for itself. *I took out the 'other' website he was referring to, since we have to live here.

Dear michael alan and D'Angelo

Prior to you guys doing excursions, we were going to book with a site 'site name was here' to give you an idea of what we would have spent with them, you will see I have no complaints about your prices:

73.00-Sky Trek
55.00-Hanging Bridges
65.00-Cano Negro
Total= $363/person before taxes&fees!!!!!

With you guys, we are paying $275/person which includes all fees. That's a savings of at least a $100/ person!!!! Can anyone say Pura Vida ;) Not sure if you're allowed to tell people about my comparison, but I did a lot of my homework. Prior to you guys, that 'site name was here' site was cheaper than others I saw. I am almost afraid to tell you how much you guys saved me, you might realize how much of steal this is for us, lol.
Pretty nice letter I think since we just started selling these tours. Here's the VIDEO that started the ball rolling in case you missed it.

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