Monday, March 4, 2013

I BROKE My Back Yesterday Serioiusly! The VIDEO

Drinking and a jerry-rigged, backyard zipline and me do NOT get along. Tell me the video doesn't make you cringe a bit- I'm 53 not 13, I can't take 'hits' like this and I definitely don't 'bounce' like I use too. Well, needless to say, I totally f**ked up my back and neck yesterday. Seriously, can't even walk and forget about trying to change my clothes or go the bathroom, need help with that as well. I know, tmi. Sorry. I'm not going to cry and whine too much because folks everywhere deal with a lot more than a broken back. But boy does it hurt. The clinic is not an option for reasons I'll keep to myself so I'm thinking pain meds will mostly come in the form of a cheap bottle of scotch. K, I'm done.

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