Saturday, May 25, 2013

BEST ATV Tour in Costa Rica

The BEST ATV Tour in Costa Rica has to be the one in La Fortuna and "NO", it's NOT La Pradera, (not that you've really heard of that one either) but La Pradera does happen to be the BIGGEST and the one you usually run into on the internet but just NOT the BEST. Obviously we haven't been on every ATV tour in Costa Rica and their could be other great ones, so yeah, 'BEST' might be a little overly dramatic but believe me, this one I just went on is about 5-steps above most. And the fact that many are just average is the reason we've never really endorsed one before.

So, here's the SC@@P- When D'Angelo returns from visiting relatives in New York we will make the video and you'll see why we say what we do. In the meantime, if you're going to be in La Fortuna and are interested... let us know. Pura Vida!

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