Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Papaya Con Leche Custom Bikinis in Tamarindo Costa Rica

Papaya con Leche in Tamarindo, Costa Rica makes custom bikinis for woman of all sizes. To be honest, we never heard of Papaya con Leche until our very BIG, BUSTED friend, Samantha said she needed to go there for a bikini that could actually fit her and look nice. (That's Samantha's 'girls' in the thumbnail below). She said we should tag along and check it out. Well, we did and thought it would make a fun, informative video for the ladies out there who also had a difficult time finding something fashionable that actually fit. To be clear, you don't have to be hard to fit, Papaya con Leche has a suit for anyone but it just so happens they specialize in custom or even women with special needs. Anyway, check out the video and if you're ever in Tamarindo, stop by Papaya Con Leche and say Hi.

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