Thursday, April 17, 2014

Costa Rica Descents- BEST Rafting Company?

Costa Rica has GREAT whitewater rafting- the Pacuare, Toro, Sarapiqui and the Balsa to name a few. And the scenery is crazy beautiful. Lucky for us, La Fortuna is BASE for a lot of major whitewater rafting companies who run these rivers. One in particular we really like- Costa Rica Descents. Young company with major, BIG league, rafting experience. All their guides have at least 15 years experience, speak English and are just plain fun. We're not saying Descents is the BEST rafting company in Costa Rica, but they might be.

Anyway, the video below was shot on the Upper Balsa (Class V) which no company runs except for Descents and truthfully, the Upper Balsa rivals, and many say is better, than the more popular Pacuare, in rapids and beauty. We'll let the video do the talking. For more INFO- Costa Rica Descents. And the music in this video is perfect if I do say so myself. ENjoY!

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