Monday, October 20, 2014

Life in Costa Rica the Lair Davis Videos

Lair Davis loved Costa Rica and Costa Rica loved Lair Davis. Unfortunately, Lair passed away some months ago. Lair was a friend of mine and I enjoyed talking about 'anything' Costa Rica with him because he had such an interesting and unique perspective. I knew I had to do some videos with him to get the 'Lair Davis' perspective out.

So here they are. *They have been uploaded to our YouTube Channel before so you may have seen them but wanted to get them all in one place.

The first two are interviews I did with him and if you're planning on relocating to Costa Rica you definitely don't want to miss them. The second two are parables about living here in Costa Rica. The last two were going to be used differently but time just wasn't on our side but they still work and are worth viewing.

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