Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Taxi Info you NEED to KNOW

Taxi's in La Fortuna, Costa Rica and AROUND the country, appear to have a METER problem.

Whether you're visiting La Fortuna, or really, ANYWHERE in Costa Rica, and plan on using the lil' red taxi's to get around- then CHECK OUT this video. This is definitely something you need to know or at least be AWARE of, and especially if you're a NOVICE traveler or traveling Costa Rica on a budget. And you EXPERIENCED travelers, be reminded of things you've forgotten you know when traveling abroad.

Oh, and if you know all the movies in the TAXI video, email us at: TravelCostaRicaNOW@gmail.com with your answers, and you'll WIN a FREE bottle of the local 'guaro', Cacique. The catch is- you must come to La Fortuna, Costa Rica to claim your PRIZE. Now if this $7.00 bottle of Cacique won't get you to visit La Fortuna, Costa Rica, nothing will...hehe Pura Vida! and hope to be sharing a bottle of CACIQUE with YOU... very soon.

Here's our original TAXI video in case you missed it, which has MORE info:

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