Monday, May 21, 2012

Cooking with Dogs in La Fortuna VIDEO wtf?

Our friend, Scott, owns Lava Lounge and Gecko Gourmet in La Fortuna Costa Rica- the former being one of the more popular restaurants in the area... whatever but Scott is also a BIG TIME dog/animal LOVER. He pretty much takes care of all the street dogs in the La Fortuna area, making sure they're spaded and neutered, fed, have their shots, and really, provides just about anything a particular dog may need- so if a dogs in trouble, Scott will be there. As of this writing, Scott is taking care of about 50 dogs. His goal is to ultimately adopt the dogs out.

Scott also hosts a 'Costa Rican Tropical Cooking Class' for tourists interested in learning about Costa Rican cuisine first hand, so to him, it made perfect sense to make a video combining his Cooking Class and his rescue dogs. He asked us to shoot the video. It's below and a must see for any dog lover. *We've done a few videos about Scott and his dogs and his Costa Rican Cooking Class- here's a link to his YouTube page if you're interested.

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