Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Driving Costa Rica the Essentials

Driving Costa Rica is probably the BEST way to see Costa Rica in our opinion. Probably the best reason to rent a car is because everything can be done on your own schedule in your own time. BUT, if you're going to rent a car, their are some things you really need to know. These 3 videos pretty much cover all the information you'll need in order to 'drive Costa Rica'. The first video is one of the first videos we ever made and it scared many people out of renting a car. WHOOPS! That was not our intent as we were merely trying to show the possibilities. The second was a response to the first because we got so much grief about the first one. The third video, we just made and it's only about 'road signs' you need to know. So, if you're planning on renting a car (we also have videos on who, how and the problems with renting a car in Costa Rica, so don't miss those), you're going to want to CHECK OUT these videos. ENjoY!

TONS of Costa Rica Tavel Info and VIDEOS on our websitc: Travel Costa Rica NOW and if you want to visit our YouTube Channel: iCostaRica24 ENjoY!