Wednesday, October 22, 2008

La Fortuna Costa Rica- Death by Volcano

I can't tell you how many times I've been asked as to why I chose to live, literally, right below an active volcano. I think what they really want to ask is why I'm such a dumbass, but they try to be polite. First, I should explain that I have somewhat of a love affair with Volcan Arenal, I'm almost drawn to it, not in a 'Close Encounters of the Third Kind' type of way, but probably how some are drawn to the ocean, or perhaps the mountains etc. To me, it's like whale watching, which is something else I never get tired of. I'm not even talking about the lava thing, lava can't be seen from the La Fortuna side (although I love that too, and the last few months, the volcano has been off the hook). But I'm speaking of the volcano itself. Volcan Arenal is forever changing its face. I learned a long time ago that words don't describe the best of things, but a few do come to mind- magnificent, mysterious, stunning, beautiful, menacing, spectacular, threatening, lush, grand, overwhelming... I think you get the picture. It really is quite a site to behold, and if you ever get the chance.... (more on volcanoes) So, I feel priviledged every time I step foot outside my door and into the shadow of Arenal, and really, I never get tired looking at it. It's funny, most ticos here, don't give it the time of day, to them it's just another mango tree in their backyard.

Plus, the thing is, dying in your sleep is BORING! I want my great, great, grand kids to look over the family tree and when they come to my name, someone will say, "That's your great, great grandfather who lived next to a volcano down in Costa Rica and died when it erupted. It was said they found his body buried beneath 20 ft. of lava"

I'm quite sure one of the kids will ask, "What kind of dumbass would live right next to a volcano?"

I bet I'll be smiling when they find me.

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