Tuesday, January 13, 2009

La Fortuna's FIRST GAY Hotel- Abercam

*** As of January 2010 Abercam La Fortuna has closed it's doors for good =( ***

Our little town, La Fortuna, Costa Rica, finally has its OWN, all inclusive, men only (sorry ladies- you understand) gay hotel. And, I must say, it would make any gay man PROUD. It’s called Abercam La Fortuna. We’ve had the chance to stay there, but the best part, the owners Tim and Wayne have become good friends of ours after D’Angelo and I reviewed their place a while back. Needless to say, we’ve been back MANY times since. Not because we spend the night per se, but they also sell day passes where you can hang out at the ‘clothing optional’ pool area (not that we would EVER take our clothes off, wink, wink) and enjoy the surroundings with your favorite frosty beverage. And with the glorious Arenal Volcano in view, you couldn’t ask for better ‘surroundings’.

Before you know it, La Fortuna will be right up there with Manuel Antonio as another popular gay destination in Costa Rica, although I never see the day where Lake Arenal will have a gay beach, hehehe. So, if you ever get the chance, visit Abercam La Fortuna, and don’t forget to call us, we’re always looking for a day off.

The below video is our review of Abercam La Fortuna and to go to their site: Abercam La Fortuna