Monday, January 19, 2009

San José Costa Rica Market

I’ve said it a few times- not a BIG fan of San José. I’ve often wondered why gringos, on considering relocation, would ever willingly choose San José- someone or something just has to be twisting their arms. I mean come on, of ALL the potential places to live in Costa Rica- and San José wins...…Pleeease. Hell, move to Detroit if you want 'that' experience.

Actually, I DO GET IT! San José provides the security of knowing you’re in close proximity to the ‘conveniences’ you’ve come to expect, but still affords the opportunity to boast to the folks back home about the GUTS it took to make the ultimate move........Whatever!

But I love VISITING San José. Visiting San José is like having the grand kids over, or so I’m told- you know they’re eventually going to leave, so the time you do spend, is just that much more enjoyable. For us, one reason to visit San José is the plethora of gay clubs, which we like to visit from time to time. After all, we’re from Vegas, we’re PARTY people, and everyone knows the gay clubs are the best clubs, whether you're straight or gay…..seriously, they're the BEST.

But this isn’t about gay, or partying. San José is also a great place to just walk around, check out the markets, the museums, shopping districts- great places all over the city to people watch and spend the day just kick’in about and doing whatever. I highly recommend it. Bring your camera, photo ops are EVERYWHERE.

A few weeks ago, it was just that, and then we ran into this-

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jeffpatch said...

It's always fun to hang around the Coca-Cola bus terminal around 9pm at night. That's a blast.

Unknown said...

Yup,,,pop open a cold one, and let the party begin. Something different every night...