Tuesday, February 24, 2009

La Fortuna to San Jose- Crime on the BUS

Received this email yesterday from some friends that had been staying with us in La Fortuna:

Hi guys,

Well, we should have stayed in La Fortuna. Somewhere between there and the bus terminal in San Carlos MY FUCKING DAYPACK GOT STOLEN!! The worst part is that D'Angelo actually warned us about people stealing your bag from the upper rack in buses. I guess I was thinking that happened when you're sleeping. Not when you're wide awake and it's right over your head (I guess that'll teach me to read on the bus...).

Okay CLASS, I’m not sure how many times we can go over this. We’ve done Travel Tip VIDEOS and written extensively on crime and theft as it pertains to the Costa Rican traveler.

Here it is in a nutshell: In Costa Rica, theft is normally one of ‘distraction’ and/or ‘opportunity’ and the above is a perfect example. So, click on the links in this article, cruise around the sites, and watch the video below to get re-acquainted with things you may have forgotten you know.

There will be a TEST.


All the Costa Rica Videos you could want at Costa Rica Travel Channel, and ALL your Costa Rica Travel Information at Travel Costa Rica NOW. Hope it HELPS!