Friday, June 19, 2009

Pregnant GIRLS in La Fortuna

La Fortuna Costa Rica- pregnancy is almost ALWAYS in your face.

The RESULTS are OUT and without boring you with the details, are as follows:

*The number of births to single mothers is on the DECREASE, as single women between the ages of 15 and 49, are having less children today than six years ago.

*More than 63% of births in the country are outside of marriage.

*The survey also revealed the number of "common law" households was on the increase.

The study was conducted by the Instituto Nacional de Estadística y Censos (INEC)- pretty much the Census Bureau for Costa Rica.

I’m a natural cynic and skeptic- I can’t help it. I believe the times in which we live DEMAND it, or variations of ‘Animal Farm’ or ‘Brave New World’ just may be possible. (They aren’t yet are they?)

I’ve been leery of statistics for a long time since statistics, surveys, numbers etc, tend to have an agenda and somewhat of a pre-determined outcome. Back in the ‘70’s, Pepsi ran a HUGE ad campaign called the Pepsi Challenge, basically a head’s up taste test against Coca-Cola, was their ever a doubt who would win? And Pepsi is trivial, what about when RESEARCH and STATISTICS matter- like in the areas of medical, political and environmental issues etc? We can’t even agree on the harmful effects of Aspartame. (if you don’t know this one, research it, it’s SCARY).

Take the Costa Rica results. They fail to mention that over 4,000 pregnancies in the last 10 years occurred in girls 14-years old and younger, instead, starting their numbers at 15 years of age. There are so many variables and considerations that could change this data... I just don't have the time or inclination...but that’s not my point.

I collect data also- empirical data and I see this;

Young pregnant girls in La Fortuna are almost the NORM. They’re everywhere. I don’t know if they’re married, single, common law or what, I just know they’re OUT, pregnant and pushing their baby carriages around the park and through the shops- seemingly PROUD to be pregnant at 16 or 17. Many times if there’s a ‘man’ in tow, but it’s difficult to know if they’re the father of the child, or merely the brother or friend of the young mother. I would venture to say, outside of San José, most girls in Costa Rica are ‘STILL’ destined to become homemakers. Here, you either go to University or you don’t. If you don’t, normally you’re working in a menial job with very little chance of advancement to supplement the family income or you’re pregnant starting a family- there really is no between. Not that being a homemaker is a BAD thing, but options are limited and SEX begins at an early age here- not a whole lot of condom use going on in Costa Rica I would say.

I still maintain and although it’s DEFINITELY changing, Costa Rica has the mentality the United States held back in the ‘50’s and ‘60’s- A woman’s place IS in the HOME… barefoot, pregnant and worrying about what to make for dinner.

You see FAITH and HOPE, I see a SCARY-ASS Picture.

I know the Roman Catholic Church LOVED the ‘50’s and ‘60’s in the STATES… when they still meant something, but in Costa Rica they continue to wield influence – Espousing, Defining and PROTECTING, in their minds, the very essence of what marriage and family IS supposed to mean to a Costa Rican- and so far, so good. Which probably accounts for the lack of condom use in Costa Rica. They don’t mind a 16-year old pregnant girl- it’s almost a SUCCESS, start having kids EARLY and don’t STOP… BIG, uneducated, Catholic families- the likely hood of them ever venturing far from the 'dogma' is greatly reduced. Keep them Big, close and uneducated, while providing HOPE… I dare say they’ll never run out of alter boys... or sheep always HAPPY to sign a petition or two to ensure that marriage and family values are well protected.

Don't FEEL the consequence of NOT wearing one.

If only there were more emphasis on teaching sex education, self-esteem building through 'taking responsibility' and the importance of having a college diploma- then a 16-year old's raging hard-on wouldn't become such a life-altering consequence because after all, that's what condoms DO best- provide experiences (not always good mind you), but without life-altering consequences. And then maybe, just maybe, young Tico's could make it into their early 20’s with 'possibilities' around every corner....... instead of Jose Jr., Mario, Alejandra and baby Fernando.

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