Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Gaia Hotel Manuel Antonio Costa Rica

'Gaia Hotel in Manuel Antonio Costa Rica is SO nice, it makes it difficult to ever SEE the Manuel Antonio Area'

Gaia Hotel and Reserve is a 5-Star hotel nestled in the hills of Manuel Antonio. We had the distinct pleasure to review Gaia a couple weeks ago... and BOY, were we impressed (did I just give away our REVIEW?)

From the very minute you ENTER through the gates of Gaia Hotel and Reserve, YOU KNOW you’re in a 5-Star Hotel. Smiles, welcome drinks, conversation… nothing but top-notch service from the get-go.

Gaia Hotel is owned by 4 guys, but the one we were talking with was David. David was personable and seemed genuinely excited to have us there. I can tell you, the feeling was mutual. David was a wealth of information and always had the time to sit down and talk with us and I found him very candid with his answers. We sincerely thank him for his hospitality.

Anyway, Gaia has everything you’d expect- Amenities x100. Studio’s and villa’s, maxed out with flat-screen tv’s and thread counts so high it makes it difficult to ever leave the bed. Great food, a beauty salon, spa, gym and even a 12 acre reserve complete with hiking trails, squirrel monkeys and butterflies we’ve only seen in butterfly gardens like Spirogyra Butterfly Garden in San Jose, Costa Rica… and the VIEWS from the reserve and the HOTEL… very NICE.

I could go on and on about Gaia Hotel, but why READ a REVIEW when you can see it on video below.

Funny thing is, we were here the night before:

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