Monday, July 20, 2009

Plight of the Squirrel Monkeys

Squirrel Monkey in Manuel Antonio Costa Rica

Manuel Antonio in Costa Rica is a tourist destination for a VERY good reason- Nice beaches, picturesque sunsets, hotels and restaurants to fit any budget, and it's also home to probably the most visited park in the country (Manuel Antonio National Park)... and of course the wildlife in the area is also a MAJOR attraction. Although not necessarily a good thing, it is possible to get quite close to the wildlife in the area, so photo and video ops are around every corner. Especially in the park, and double especially with the capuchin monkey's, iguanas, and squirrel monkeys.

We were in Manuel Antonio not too long ago reviewing Gaia Hotel and Reserve and a few of the restaurants in the area like El Avion, La Luna Restaurant and El Atardecer.

We had just checked out of Gaia and were making the trek down the hill to our car in order to head back to our town, La Fortuna, approximately 5 hours away. But a TREAT was in store for us, because passing through the Gaia Hotel and Reserve was a community of squirrel monkeys.

These little guys are SOOOO CUTE.... much smaller than the capuchin's and the howlers in the area, but in my opinion, WAY cuter and more FUN to watch. Unfortunately, these species of squirrel monkeys that call Manuel Antonio home, are not doing so well. The corridors in which they roam are being cut down to make way for what the 'powers that be', like to call 'PROGRESS'. Habitats are destroyed, and 'HOME' is becoming smaller every year. There's only about 1500 of these little guys left. My take on Costa Rica's conundrum: Costa Rica- SLOW Down

Here's our VIDEO. If you dig monkeys, this is pretty nice footage, so sit back and ENjOy. And if you 'd like to help the plight of the squirrel monkey, please contact us at

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