Thursday, October 15, 2009

Reserve rooms NOW for Christmas

Costa Rica TRAVEL- Hotel rooms in popular tourist destinations such as Arenal/La Fortuna, Manuel Antonio and Tamarindo should be booked NOW if you're planning on spending the Christmas Holidays in Costa Rica.

Hey EVERYONE! Just a HEADS UP! When D'Angelo and myself travel around Costa Rica, we rarely book hotels rooms in advance and really, it's NEVER been a problem finding... 'something'. But we live here, and for us, it's an adventure to travel without a schedule or specific itinerary. Really, the only possible exception to this rule is during the Christmas Holidays, this year, around Dec. 18th thru Jan. 5th or so. Medium to HIGH End rooms can sell out QUICK, so it's best to book in advance. Even the more 'popular' hostels usually require a reservation during this time.

I realize we're talking Christmas here,,, but really, it's just around the corner and if Costa Rica is an option, you'll be glad you made arrangements in ADVANCE.

There's also another VERY good reason to book NOW. It's been a difficult year for the tourism industry in general and many Travel Agencies have been offering great discounts and specials throughout the year which are normally reserved for the low season (May thru November). So there are some good deals out there NOW. If consumer confidence grows and demand for rooms increases, you can be sure the PRICES will TOO especially as we get closer to the holidays.

For the backpacker or traveler on a budget, you normally can find a place to stay in popular destinations, even during the Christmas Holidays. Many small 'Mom and Pop' type places are NOT on the internet and you can find a 'room' for rent just about anywhere. But for those of you who expect to pay from $50. and UP for your room, you should start booking NOW. Those rooms tend to go FAST, and like I mentioned, especially in places like Arenal, Manuel Antonio and Tamarindo to name a few.

Just REMEMBER! When doing your Costa Rican travel homework on the internet, double and triple check the INFO. There is a LOT of misleading INFO.

And as you would expect, booking your flight in ADVANCE is usually a pretty good idea as well.

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