Sunday, October 25, 2009

David Gimelfarb- What's the STORY?

David Gimelfarb has still NOT been found in Costa Rica. (David is a 28-year old student who went missing from Rincon de la Vieja National Park in Costa Rica on Aug. 11th). I've been following this story and have written about it on 4 separate occasions:
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If the latest updates are to be believed, David is either hiding, on the run or WANDERING Rincon de la Vieja National Park dazed and confused- thwarting rescuers and volunteers like the 'Bourne Identity.'

I am VERY frustrated and unhappy with his OFFICIAL site: Help find David Gimelfarb on Facebook.

Go to his page and read it for yourself, but the 'status reports' have become sporadic NOW, which I understand- WHAT I don't like is they were recently alluding to the fact David is ALIVE and wandering about the jungle in 'trance like, hide-n-seek fashion ', merely in need of reassurance that people are there to HELP him... and if only rescuers could get close enough to EXPLAIN- then everything would be alright.

Sorry, but I'm calling BULLSHIT. If they thought he was ALIVE, they would be doubling and tripling their efforts, NOT the opposite. If in fact they are increasing their efforts, they're not reporting it VERY WELL- which to me, doesn't make much sense... we obviously CARE what's going on, but they're making us NOT.

'If you think David is ALIVE- then lets get this SHOW on the TRAIL.'

THINK about it, if you truly believed a loved one was ALIVE, wouldn't you do ANYTHING to get the word out, hire dogs, procure a helicopter, 'beg, borrow or steal' money to pay volunteers and professionals, talk to whoever would listen, keep the story alive in the media.... I'm just sayin... wouldn't YOU?

Obviously their could be SHIT I'm not privy too and I apologize if I'm completely OFF base. I can appreciate the fact friends and family are trying to stay positive, but personally, I would prefer a more truthful and even 'opinionated' approach to the 'status reports'. Do you NEED more HELP, do you think he's DEAD but still need to find the body for CLOSURE, are you embarrassed because you now believe he fell off the grid on his own accord, are you in DENIAL about whatever, are you being a tad dishonest because you don't want people to LOSE interest, do you even BELIEVE the people who said they spotted David..... do you really think he's ALIVE but you're just becoming worn OUT and having a hard time keeping up because you have your own LIFE........... WHAT gives? please tell us.

If you don't BELIEVE he is dead- LET us know what you WANT and NEED.... we're in it with YOU, but if you truly believe he's ALIVE, well then, you're doing it WRONG.

But he's sounding DEAD to me... just sayin.


DH said...

Boy, are you a narcissistic douchebag that believe the world revolves around you or what? Who gives a shit if you are "frustrated"- especially in light of the emotions his family and friends are feeling. His "official" page was slapped together by a friend trying to help, it's not CNN and it's not there for whatever purpose you seem to think it owes you.

Unknown said...

Yo Matt, if you don't believe my 'posts' help in the David Gimelfarb situation, then so be it. If you believe I don't care, well, then that's okay too (you obviously haven't read my other posts concerning David)... Oh. and as far as 'slapping' up a page,,, you're asking for the 'public's help', by slapping up the page, you take on a certain responsibility, so yeah, that 'page' owes a few things..... that said, thanx for the comment.

Jeff Dunsavage said...

Unfortunately, the Gimelfarb family is experiencing what most families in this situation experience: the need to respond quickly to a situation that is completely outside their experience and skillsets, a U.S. embassy indifferent to their concerns, as well as cultural and financial resource barriers. Since my brother vanished in Honduras in May, my family has been struggling with these and other issues, as well as trying to help other families organize their efforts. If you, being on the ground in Costa Rica, have constructive suggestions, access to resources they haven't thought of or been able to tap, I'm sure they would appreciate every one of them.

Unknown said...

Sorry to hear about your's gotta be very difficult to deal with- I can't imagine. It seems to me that it would be top priority go have local officials involved. Without their help it just seems like the situation would be nearly impossible to solve. Now as we speak it has happened again. A young man named Michael Dixon has gone missing up by Tamarindo. I believe Costa Rica needs to be held somewhat accountable.... someone knows something...pressure needs to be applied accordingly.

Jeff Dunsavage said...

Yup. I'm working with the Dixons, as well as the Gimelfarbs. It's really difficult to hold local law enforcement accountable. The sad thing is, the U.S. State Dept. is perfectly capable of throwing its weight around when sufficiently powerful influence moves them....we need a standard operating procedure and transparency. Which is what we're starting to work on with the Missing Americans Project (