Monday, November 23, 2009

Boruca Indian Masks Costa Rica

La Fortuna Costa Rica gets invaded by Boruca Indians and the Danza de los Diablitos (Dance of the Little Devils)

D'Angelo and myself fell in LOVE with the Boruca masks at first sight, but NOT just any Boruca mask, as some are MUCH better than others, but the ones from the Ismael Gonzalez family, and in particular the son, Melvin Gonzalez Rojas, which for our taste seem to be far and away superior in craftsmanship and detail from other Boruca masks we've seen (not sayin there's not others out there just as good....just sayin). Actually we collect Boruca masks... although we only have 2 since they cost a months rent for us. Funny, we're not even into 'masks' per se, but the artistry of these masks are just so AMAZING we couldn't resist.

FYI:The Boruca are an indigenous people living in Costa Rica. The tribe has about 2,000 members, most of whom live on a reservation in the Puntarenas Province in southwestern Costa Rica. You can find more INFO on the Boruca Indians on our TravelCostaRicaNOW site- HERE.

CHECK-OUT these Boruca Masks (the pics are GOOD, but still don't do them enough justice):

Love the vibrant colors in these Boruca masks.

Close UP of the top, left mask- CHECK OUT the detail.

Costa Rican wildlife is a popular theme found on many modern-day Boruca masks.

Frogs, such as the Poison Dart Frog, are also depicted on a variety of Boruca masks.

Another GREAT example of the detailed artwork that's put into these masks.


What I really dig about Boruca masks is that EACH one is UNIQUE even though the themes are similar.... What's that saying about a box of chocolates?

D'Angelo made this VIDEO some time ago about the Boruca Indian masks and it's DEFINITELY worth CHECKING OUT (you can get a glimpse of Melvin Gonzalez Rojas doing his thing:)

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diddy said...

Killer masks. Anyway to purchase these online??? Ideas brewing....

Unknown said...

Yeah, they really are. I wish the pictures did them more justice. Yeah, you can get them on line. I think we have the same ideas....hehe. I do have access to the masks.

Jose Peter said...

Amazing masks! We're down in Dec. and hopefully will meet up with you. I'd really love to see the masks in person. So, what do they cost? Peter

Unknown said...

Hey Peter.....yeah, definitely look us up if you're going to be in La Fortuna. The masks go anywhere from $175-240,

Anonymous said...

Your blog is a wonderful read...

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Anonymous said...

Wondering where or how we can purchase online I've been in costa a week now and finding more like the ones I saw at the boruca reservation last trip is becoming frustrating the detail is far from what I saw last time I'm currently in quepos but unfortunitly leaving soon! If you have photos or a web site to purchase them please do send to thanks again

William Duncan said...

These are brilliant!The colours just jump at you!Great blog!

Kristin S. said...

I just stumbled upon this post. We have a Melvin Gonzalez Rojas mask that we had custom made back in 2005. We went into a shop in San Hose that was full of masks and we were immediately intrigued by them. After a lengthy chat with the shop owner we ended up putting in our request of the animals that we would like on our mask (all ones we saw on our trip)and she said she would see if it was possible if the artist could do all of them. We were blown away when we finally received the mask. He was able to incorporate every animal. It is such a sentimental piece for us and is definitely a conversation piece as it is hanging prominently in our living room. Melvin Gonzalez Rojas is an a very talented artist!