Friday, November 6, 2009

Don't STAY at Casa Caletas Hotel, but WHY?

Casa Caletas Hotel on the Nicoya Penisula in Costa Rica- "Obviously YOU don't CARE."

I haven't heard word 'one' from Casa Caletas Hotel. "Bet you thought I forgot about you, didn't you Casa Caletas?"

Why shouldn't you stay at Casa Caletas Hotel? The short answer- the owner doesn't seem to CARE about some LAND that he is ASSOCIATED WITH and is important to the sea turtles. But there's MUCH MORE to the story.

Don't KNOW? You can get up to SPEED:

It started HERE:

* Another Company tells Costa Rica to F-OFF

Then I heard from the folks at Pretoma and wrote the second installment:

* time to SPEAK-UP and do SOMETHING

Then I personally asked Casa Caletas or the owners to respond to a few questions I had:

* Casa Caletas Hotel- tell me it's NOT true

So, it's time to seriously BOYCOTT anything to do with the owner(s) of Casa Caletas and possibly two other hotels, Hotel Fuego del Sol in Playa Hermosa and Lake Coter Eco Lodge in Nuevo Arenal, which may ALL be owned by Sylvester Feichtinger or his company(s). (If they'd answer my emails I would know for SURE), but since they pretty much told Costa Rica to 'fuck off' when ordered to 'cease and desist' stripping the wetlands, I'm fairly certain I'm not HIGH on their 'need to respond to' list.

It would also be COOL if you could email them and ask them 'WHAT'S UP with that?' is their email.

'Sea turtle's already have a tough BEGINNING, but at least they have a place to START... don't let it disappear.'

BE the CHANGE YOU want in the WORLD, the sea turtles will thank-you for it.