Friday, December 25, 2009

MORE Boruca Indian Masks

Okay, I LOVE the Boruca Indian masks what can I say and a few more just ARRIVED. I actually bought the mask to the left and it's NOW my personal favorite.... until the next batch comes in....hehe

I mentioned this before, but the pics just don't do these masks justice. I wish I could fly each and every one of you out to Costa Rica so you could view them PERSONALLY.

But FIRST, I would like to wish everyone the BEST during this holiday season regardless of how you happen to CELEBRATE (or in my case, you don't)... and I HOPE next year is the BEST one EVER.

Just want to show you some more Boruca masks, but if you missed my last posting about the Boruca Indians, there's a more INFO and other masks HERE.

Boruca (or Brunka) Indian masks:

The 2 below can actually run a little more money as they're made out of cedar and carved by the patriarch himself, Ismael Gonzalez.

Have a GOOD one.

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