Saturday, May 8, 2010

Hotel La Amistad San Jose Costa Rica

Hotel La Amistad in San Jose Costa Rica, all the amenities of an UPSCALE hotel at a fraction of the COST.

Hotel La Amistad is a renovated mansion situated between Barrios Amon and Otoya just north of San Jose. These barrios are away from the hustle and bustle of San Jose, but still only a short walk to all of the city's main attractions- The National Theatre, Museums, Shops, Restaurants, Casino's, Nightlife and various Parks.

D'Angelo and myself got an opportunity to spend a couple nights at La Amistad and we're GLAD we did.

ALL the rooms have pretty much anything you'd want- comfy beds, TV w/cable, HBO, fridge, air conditioning, nice showers etc, but the BIGGER rooms can also come equipped with a jacuzzi, sauna, kitchen, loft, living rooms, and if you so desire, a room with a fireplace. La Amistad also has it's own martini bar (which can see some NICE action *wink* ), restaurant, and sushi bar. And really, who provides FREE laundry service... trust me, this is rare in Costa Rica.

La Amistad is not for the kids, but it's GREAT for businessmen, couples and any traveler who wants a great location and a lot of amenities without paying TOP dollar.

Prostitution is legal in Costa Rica and ALL the hotels in the San Jose area deal with it in one way or the other. La Amistad's policy is basically one of- RESPECTING others and if there isn't a problem- there isn't a problem. That said, if you're offended by merely seeing a 'lady of the evening', then La Amistad is not for YOU.

Here's our VIDEO REVIEW of La Amistad in San Jose Costa Rica. ENjoY!

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expatcostarica said...

Now, if this place is also gay friendly, then its perhaps the only hotel in San Jose that caters to two special niches at the same time. Sounds like a very modern idea to me.

Unknown said...

La Amistad is totally COOL. They pretty much run by the motto- if there is no problem, there is no problem. Great place to stay.

Shiene143 said...

Looks like a nice hotel that offers a great place to stay. Hope to visit Costa Rica soon and surely we gonna stay in this place.