Friday, April 30, 2010

La Avispa is a GAY Club.... but

La Avispa is the ONLY gay PLACE to be on a Sunday night in San Jose.

"Every once in awhile, something a little 'gay' makes it onto the pages of this blog.... and this is one of those times. La Avispa is one of the oldest gay night clubs in San Jose Costa Rica and on one particular night, it's the place to be. Sunday nights at La Avispa draws a HUGE crowd and a really quite diverse crowd at that. The following was posted on my other blog: Doin GAY Costa Rica so if you're one of my more 'open-minded' readers and are ever in San Jose with nothing to do on a Sunday night..... I think you'd have a GREAT night out, straight or otherwise. Oh, D'Angelo and myself don't only go to gay bars, we'll have a video and post on 'Vertigo' one of the BEST night clubs in all of Central America... and straight."

D'Angelo and myself love, Love, LOVE Avispa Discotheque and there IS no better place to party on a Sunday night. I've already written about La Avispa (the wasp) before and if you want a more in-depth look at one of San Jose's favorite gay hang-outs, then go HERE.

Not much has changed since my original article- La Avispa is till the SHIT, except maybe for ONE thing: We made a MUCH better VIDEO to show you the happenings at la Avispa on a Sunday night.


La Avispa is notorious for guys trying to separate you from your MONEY. Many will show interest, start dancing with you... and of course want you to buy them drinks,,,, I'm sure you get the picture, but if you decide to play that 'game', just be careful where it leads.

BUT also- this happened when we were La Avispa. We saw our friend Ed dancing with a really CUTE, twink boy. Nothing against Ed, but something just wasn't adding up,,,,, we told him to be CAREFUL and watch himself. Not 5 minutes later when they were dancing, kissing etc. a tranny, working in tandem with CUTE, twink boy, tried to gangster Ed's wallet......problem was, even though Ed was being distracted, his wallet had a chain on, needless to say, he felt the tug. Next thing I know, a tranny goes flying against the wall. CUTE, twink boy got away, the tranny was not so lucky and was picked up by La Avispa security........ you've been warned. Other than that,,,GREAT place to have a GREAT time.

So here it is, our brand new VIDEO on La Avispa. ENjoY!

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