Friday, February 18, 2011

Living the MUSIC in Costa Rica

Costa Rica based ZenWest- 'Meditating with a Hammer' CD

I LOVE what we do. Traveling Costa Rica, making travel and expat videos, writing blogs and such, we get to meet a lot of fascinating folks- Way COOL!

Roland and Cathrine live in Santiago de Puriscal, Costa Rica, which is west of San Jose. I should say, I don't really know them, know them, and actually, don't even know what they look like. They saw what we did on-line and then turned us on to what they do- or at least what Roland does. Not sure if Cathrine is involved or not, but by the sounds of it, her creative spirit is also alive and creating.

Roland is involved with ZenWest, "which writes, produces, and performs it own brand of Musica del Mundo (Music of the World). The songs swing from ethereal and soothing to rhythmic and thought-provoking percussive storytelling."

How ZenWest describes their songs:
"The songs are a combination of meditation and percussion that are meant to invoke thought, movement, and a journey within and without."

I would say that description is accurate, kinda like taking a 70-minute hike in your head. 70- minutes being ZenWest's CD- 'Meditating with a Hammer'. Here's an example, this is Track 10- Dancing the Equator.

Personally, I prefer to start the CD from the beginning and let the journey begin.

And that's how I met Roland and ZenWest. He invited me to check out the music- and I dug it- simple as that. It may not be for everyone, but it may be for people interested in the following: yoga, self-reflection, contemplation, spirituality, growth, discovery, making the journey... I think you get the picture. Hopefully, we'll actually get to officially meet and hook-up with Roland and Cathrine in the near future. I'm fairly certain they're our kind of people.

Gotta add, excited to hear the next CD because Roland turned me on to one of the NEW tracks that will be on it: Tropic of Europa and it's VERY NICE. Check out that song and learn more about ZenWest.


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