Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Driving Costa Rica Accidents and Landslides

Driving in Costa Rica is an adventure in itself.

Driving in Costa Rica is as much an adventure as any white water rafting tour or waterfall rappel through the rainforest and if you've ever driven here, you already know that. And not just for the obvious reasons such as road and weather conditions but also for the fact Tico's are some of the worst drivers on the PLANET... yeah, I said it.

Anyway, we made a video called, 'Driving Costa Rica' a couple years back when really, we were newbies to the video making genre. That video is the second one down on this page.

We received a LOT of negative comments on that video, from 'threats' to just out and out name calling..."FAGGETS go HOME and Butt F*** each other if you don't like Costa Rica." I would often respond by politely pointing out that the comment would have hurt a little more if they had actually spelled 'faggot' correctly.

Anyway, we did come to understand why they were a little peeved... it was our delivery. We came across a little flippant... and we did.

Finally, we made part 2 of that video (which is directly below) to set the record straight, but not only set the record straight but to emphasize a couple points the first video did not.

There you have it. Planning on seeing Costa Rica by car, you need to CHECK OUT both videos. ENjoY! and as always, hope it helps.

This is the NEW video-'Driving Costa Rica- Accidents and Landslides'

This one is the old one, but still VERY relevant:

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