Thursday, March 31, 2011

Gay Travel in a Straight Costa Rica

Traveling GAY in Costa Rica is different than living GAY in Costa Rica.

It's TRUE, traveling gay in Costa Rica IS different from living gay in Costa Rica.

Normally, I don't post gay stuff on this blog, (since I have a gay blog dedicated to GAY Costa Rica) but every now and then I think something gay may be relevant, helpful or educational, so I do. If you're not in the mood, I totally understand. But I'll keep it short... or you could just scroll down and check out the video.

I guess I just want the 'straight' crowd to realize how easy they have it when traveling abroad. You don't usually have to consider what might happen if you hold hands in public or god forbid, kiss... We do. It sucks. We have to research a country's attitude towards gay before traveling there and adjust accordingly. Can you imagine being on your honeymoon and not being able or comfortable to express your affection in public? Really, it sucks.

So, if you have a gay friend, gay family member or are just curious how gay-friendly Costa Rica actually is, I think you just might find this video helpful. And by all means, share it with anyone gay thinking about traveling to Costa Rica. Thanx for indulging me.

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