Monday, April 4, 2011

The MAJOR Hot Springs in La Fortuna

Tabacon Hot Springs in La Fortuna Costa Rica.

La Fortuna Costa Rica is home to Tabacon Hot Springs, Baldi Hot Springs, Eco Termales Hot Springs, Los Laureles Hot Springs and even the FREE hot springs at Tabacon. So many options. And that's not even all of them. But these are the main ones with the exception of, 'The Springs'. Hopefully we'll have that video soon.

These are the videos, if you want more INFO or would like to read what I had to say, just click the particular hot springs link. I also wrote a comparison of Tabacon vs. Baldi.

Tabacon Hot Springs Garden of Eden at a Price.

Baldi Hot Springs Maybe the Biggest BANG for your BUCK.

Eco Termales Laid-back BABY Tabacon.

Los Laureles Hot Springs
Family Hang-Out for Locals.

Tabacon Free Hot springs A Hot River for FREE.

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