Friday, July 1, 2011

The Gingerbread - One of the BEST Restaurants in Costa Rica

The Gingerbread in Nuevo Arenal Costa Rica has some of the BEST food in the entire country.

Costa Rica is NOT known for its fine cuisine, PERIOD and after about 4 days of experiencing rice and beans 3 times a day, everyday, most tourists would LOVE to chance on a Mickey D's, although few would admit to it for obvious reasons.

Most who visit Costa Rica want to experience EVERYTHING Costa Rica, McDonald's is NOT it.

Personally, I think the perception that Costa Rica food is bland and not tasty is greatly exaggerated and I will tell you why in a future post. But I will admit there is something about eating rice and beans first thing in the morning... anyway...

We were filming at Villa Decary, located about 45 minutes from La Fortuna going around Lake Arenal towards Tilaran and Canas. As luck would have it, a mere 4-minute walk from Villa Decary is perhaps one of the BEST restaurants in Costa Rica, The Gingerbread. Here's our impromptu video of, 'The Gingerbread'.

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