Friday, October 21, 2011

Parrot through the Window

We live right next to the park in the center of La Fortuna Costa Rica and this little guy just flew through our window...

...just a day in the life of.

Obviously we see a LOT of birds here in Costa Rica but living in the center of town, it's usually the regular cast of characters and although parrots frequently fly by, they don't usually stop and rest on the trees in the park.... so the fact this little guy flew through our windown is odd. A hummingbird, yes... a bananaquit, yes...a baby parrot, no.

Problem is, we have some questions since we don't know anything about parrots and we're thinking YOU just might. If we take the baby bird outside and put it in a tree will it be okay....we're betting, NOT... but we're wondering? He doesn't seem to be able to fly 'up' for any length of time and his neck feathers have not grown in and the bigger question, what in the hell does he (she) eat? Answers, anyone, besides 'Google'?

This video may help in figuring things out:

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