Saturday, October 22, 2011

Parakeets, Imperial and a BIG Thank-You

Costa Rica really does LOVE its IMPERIAL.

Hey GUYS! I posted this video a couple days ago:

and I just want to THANK EVERYONE who messaged me with some really good advice and answers.

Come to find out this little guy is called an 'Orange-Chinned Parakeet' and he's probably about 6 weeks old... obviously I don't know a parrot from a parakeet. We're also pretty sure he did not fly into our apartment from the big tree outside, we think he might of come in sideways from someone elses house since he can't fly for shit and he's VERY freindly to humans.

We think we're going to keep him. After doing some research on the internet, sounds like this little guy is quite intelligent (although he might want to slow down on the beer), so he might be fun to have around. It also helps that he won't get much bigger since our apartment is quite small, we think he'll fit right in.

Anyway, thanx again for all the tips, suggestions and knowledge, very much appreciated.

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