Friday, December 16, 2011

Puerto Viejo Costa Rica- BEST Restaurant Name Change

Puerto Viejo Costa Rica is one of our favorite places to CHILL. *Puerto Viejo is on the Caribbean side of Costa Rica close to the Panamanian border.

We love Puerto Viejo for a few reasons, but one is the FOOD.. and especially the food at a place called, 'STASHUS con FUSION', formally known as 'Loco Natural'. 'Stash' the owner and chef let us know about the name change so we're passing it on to you. When we were there a little over a year ago it was 'Loco Natural' but don't worry, nothing has changed but the name- Stash assures us it's still GREAT food and in our opinion, probably some of the BEST you'll find in ALL Costa Rica let alone Puerto Viejo.

And of course a year back we did a video, so CHECK it out and if you're ever in the Puerto Viejo area, you'll definitely want to stop in at 'Stashus con Fusion' and PLEASE, tell Stash we said, "Hey". pura vida.

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