Monday, May 28, 2012

SERVICE in Costa Rica Borders on SUCKS!

Costa Rica is known for MANY things but good SERVICE is NOT one of them.

Service, or lack there of, would be defined as- prompt, personable and how feedback is dealt with. Read the latter as 'what happens when the steak sucks'. Rarely do all of these things come together in Costa Rica.

Chalk it up to anything you want- 'Pura Vida' attitude, laziness, nonchalance or the fact most Costa Ricans make about $3. bucks an hour... whatever, but the fact remains the same- Costa Ricans are NOT very service oriented. *However, it should be noted that the BEST service in Costa Rica comes from Gringo operated establishments- WORD. Reason being, gringos understand the importance repeat customers, TripAdvisor, and the faster they get you a beer, the more money they make.

After 7 years of living in Costa Rica, I've concluded it's just not in their genes.

Here's our VIDEO about the service in Costa Rica:

In the beginning, coming from Las Vegas, it was hard to accept their overall nonchalance about service. To me, it came across as out and out RUDE. But now my attitude is different and like many things I've had to adjust too, I've come to embrace it. My expectations are low and I simply enjoy whatever I'm doing and when the drink does finally arrive, I appreciate it all the more. Now don't get me wrong, I prefer Las Vegas type service but here in Costa Rica, there's not much you can do about it, so you eventually learn to live with it... or not. And for the RECORD- the 'or not' types don't usually last long in Costa Rica.

My TIP- don't.

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Anonymous said...

Youre missing the point on Costa Rica big time. The reason Costa Rican service is 'slow' is because they aren't always in a huge rush unlike most North Americans. That's what makes CR such a great place. While most Americans are giving themselves early heart attacks and cancer rushing around stressed out like chickens with their heads cut off Costa Ricans relax and take their time. So the odd lunch might take an hour and a half. Big deal, sit back enjoy the scenery and your company. Life doesn't have to be so rushed and frenzied.

I also feel that you are exaggerating a little for dramatic effect. Sure some places have faster service than others but in my many years of visiting and living in Costa Rica I have never found it as bad as you say.

There's more to life than being in a rush. I guess for some people the fast food lifestyle is in their genes for good.

michael alan said...

Although I agree with you mostly and do pretty much say the same thing, I would say you are missing the point as well.. Costa Rica charges tourists, 'gringo prices'. If you're paying big money for a room, it should come with good service...ditto for restaurants.