Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Lake Arenal Party Boat

Lake Arenal in La Fortuna Costa Rica is one of the most under utilized lakes in the world. I said it and I'm sticking to it.

It's always been strange to me how little use Lake Arenal actually gets. It's freakin' beautiful, 26 miles long, surrounded by rolling hills and jungle where capuchin monkeys, aka white-faced monkeys, often can be seen on the shore quenching their thirst. And HELLOOOOO, all in the shadow of the Arenal Volcano, this is ONE SWEET lake. But with the exception of Tico holidays, and few small ferry boats that shuffle tourists from La Fortuna to Monteverde and vice versa, Arenal really doesn't get the PLAY you would think it would.

Kayaking on Lake Arenal- Beautimus.

Personally, I think this is a good thing, NO, a GREAT thing, as Lake Arenal could easily be turned into a water park of sorts, boats of all shapes and sizes cruising about, jet skies water-weaving at 600mph around everything that floats- alive and otherwise, parasailing for those people who haven't actually done it yet, really, those people exist? And of course a BIG FUCK ALL marina. I say NO THANX. I like Lake Arenal just the way it is. Nice to know there's a few things in nature that haven't been capitalized on yet.

That's not to say you can't ENjoY the lake if you want. There's tours that take you out fishing, kayaking, skiing, windsurfing, wake boarding etc. Just not a lot of them and if the last 7 years are any indication, business runs extremely HOT or extremely Cold, not a whole lot of warm going on.

Me, chillaxin on an island beach in the middle of Lake Arenal.

My friend, Erick, is throwing his tour into the MIX. His tour is like the ULTIMATE combination of boat tours- Part, Booze Cruise/Party Boat/Sunset-Volacno Tour/Beach Time/Fishing etc. pretty much anything the people want to do is made available. There's talk their will be a second boat for skiing and wake boarding activities, but as he's in the early stages of working his tour, not sure about the 'second boat'.

Imperial vs. Pilsen

If anyone can make this tour work, it's Erick. He's a go-getter, friendly, personable and understands the importance of marketing. Good thing too, since he's going to need those skills in order to make this tour successful- it's not like it hasn't been tried before.

I know we had a GREAT time. Couple kinks need to be worked out but that's to be expected. Actually, we'll be taking the tour again in a few days and I expect it will be even BETTER. But honestly, this boat tour isn't geared for everyone, especially those folks who expect 1st class 'cruise' conditions- Erick's tour is for PARTY PEOPLE, younger peeps who don't mind there's not a bathroom on the boat but understand that nature will provide *wink* or for those who want to experience the beauty of Lake Arenal without paying an arm and leg to do so.

And of course we shot video which will put together in the near future. pura vida.

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