Sunday, August 12, 2012

Shipping Sh*t to Costa Rica - a Container ANYONE?

Moving to Costa Rica? The BIGGEST question is shipping container or no shipping container? I know, I receive a LOT of questions- so many in fact I often dream about shipping containers… how sad is that? Anyway…

For me, the shipping container question was EASY. When I moved to Costa Rica, I didn’t come here to ‘re-locate’, I came here to live a different lifestyle. I was 44, but to me, I was thinking the world was my oyster, I wanted EVERYTHING new- whatever fit in my carry-on, if you know what I mean…… but that’s me.

I realize there’s many ‘moving to Costa Rica’ stories. We ALL have our reasons and a lot times, a shipping container IS the answer. It wasn't for me because I didn’t care about my ‘things’, but then again, for many, they want what they want and they want it here in Costa Rica, totally understandable.

Truth is, electronics, computers, tv’s… plug-in shit (and tools) and especially cars are expensive here….stupid expensive as far as the States are concerned. In the U.S., at BestBuy, we get a flat-screen for next to nothing, a DeWalt drill gun, buy one get one free, here it’s takes a 4-week paycheck. And cars, you would have never guessed how stupid expensive they are... no, really. So yeah, shipping containers can make sense.

Here's the answer if you're caught between, 'thinking I have shit, but not that much shit'... go here, they do containers, but they also have a GREAT alternative for MUCH CHEAPER- Check it out. Tell them I sent you, not that that will so anything for you, but say it anyway and see what happens. Here's a video I did awhile back with my friend, Bill, about shipping containers and such. ENjoY!

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