Monday, December 24, 2012

Pics of Our NEW Vacation Rental Property

Our La Fortuna, Costa Rica, vacation rental property is finally on Flipkey (HERE) and ready to ENjoY! *Flipkey is the owned by TripAdvisor and specializes in vacation rental properties (and no, we don't like TripAdvisor but yes, we understand the irony). We've been working feverishly these last months to be ready for the busiest time of the year here in Costa Rica which is the couple weeks of Christmas and the New Year. Sadly, we didn't really make it because it just wasn't ready, oh well. BUT now it's 99% ready to go and just needs a few minor touches, which I'm sure it will always need. We should have our last and final VIDEO installment done soon and when you compare the first with the last, I think you'll understand why we're so excited. But for the time being, here's a few pics.

LOT'S of Costa Rica style decorations...LOVE the Boruca masks.

Living Room area with a Volcano View and hundreds of birds just outside.

Hot Tub on the porch. The porch area s BIGGER than this, just need some more pics. Breakfast outside with the hummingbirds and the Arenal Volcano can't be beat.
Master bedroom, comfy bed, ceiling fan, flat screen tv.

AND if all that wasn't enough, a Japanese toilet seat... your genitals will thank you.... no really.

These pics don't really capture the house, hopefully the video will...but trust me, it's a very, cute cottage/cabin style house that sometimes I think we're crazy to RENT out. But if you're ever in the area and want a great experience... we're here.

Anyway, not a fan of Christmas but for those of you who are, I hope you have the BEST Holidays EVER!

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