Monday, December 17, 2012

He Made It In Costa Rica BUT Can YOU?

Deciding to uproot your life and move to Costa Rica is not a decision that should be taken lightly. The irony is that based on a lot of emails we receive about relocating to Costa Rica, many folks act as if they're merely moving 3 streets over in the same neighborhood. Like this one:
"Hey michael alan & D'Angelo. First off, love your videos. So thanx. I'm thinking about moving to Costa Rica, maybe on the Pacific side because I love the beach but what I want to know is if I can get a job there (I'm an unemployed bartender and also know alot about physical fitness) and maybe find a nice apartment for around $400. per month. I would like to come in a month or two."
Well, it's NOT easy to make it here and it normally requires a LOT of homework. Erick's story is definitely an 'exception'. Check it out to see how he came to live in Costa Rica these past 10 years.

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