Monday, February 18, 2013

FIRE! at Just Good Food

There was a fire at 'Just Good Food' in La Fortuna early this morning and just between me and you, it has 'sketchy' written all over it. I heard the FBI will be investigating so we'll see, but for now, I'll keep my thoughts to myself. If you don't know, 'Just Good Food' is a small, soda-style, pizza/hamburger joint where a lot of us gringos like to hang-out and drink too much. For the tourist visiting La Fortuna, it's cheap, decent eats for those traveling on a budget.

The owner of 'Just Good Food', Mike, is a friend and I feel bad for him and his family because really, it's been one thing after another since he took over the restaurant about 9 months ago so it definitely hasn't been the easiest of rides. Every time things seemed to be looking up for the restaurant- another issue. You know, 2-steps forward, 3-steps back.

Hopefully he'll rebuild, we'll see. The kitchen didn't seem to get damaged, it appears to be mostly the ceiling and roof area so to me it looks worse than it actually is.. but obviously that's totally speculative.

Anyway, the first video pertains to the fire, the second was made by D'Angelo and myself to help 'Just Good Food' get the word out and the last video is an interview I did with Mike about how things were going for him at the time. The last video explains some of the issues/problems he's had to deal with since taking over the restaurant.

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