Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Juan Carlos Salazar Mena from Pital Costa Rica is a THIEF

Juan Carlos Salazar Mena from Pital Costa Rica is a THIEF. Juan Carlos Salazar Mena lives in La Fortuna Costa Rica at the moment but also spends time in Pital, Aguas Zarcas and Manuel Antonio. Juan Carlos Salazar Mena is not just a one-time thief, he's more of the 'career' variety. And like all thieves, Juan Carlos Salazar Mena is a shifty, sneaky, sketchy, scumbag.

Juan Carlos Salazar Mena lived next door to us with his girlfriend. Juan Carlos Salazar Mena from Pital broke into our apartment months back and stole a laptop. We knew it was him but couldn't prove anything. We knew he'd be back as that's what scumbag thieves like Juan Carlos Salazar Mena do. We were ready. And the below video is the result. If there's any doubt in your mind just watch the video until the tattoo of the 'star' above his left breast shows up.

The police in La Fortuna are very familiar with Juan Carlos Salazar Mena. He gets busted a LOT. Unfortunately, nothing happens except maybe a night at the police station. Totally worth something like a laptop. The police saw the video, knew right away who it was. The OIJ (the FBI of Costa Rica)also saw the video. They did NOTHING. Juan Carlos Salazar Mena spent 24 hours at the police station while the police and the OIJ twiddled their thumbs. *We are not surprised by the lack of follow-up by the police and OIJ by any means. They're in name only, real police work is foreign to Costa Rica and is well documented. We will be documenting the same.

This isn't over. We will be documenting what happens AND we will get a lawyer. And no, we are not disillusioned by Costa Rica. We still love it here, so don't go there. The video of the break in is below. Check it out. Share it, pass it on. God forbid some unexpected business hires Juan Carlos Salazar Mena.

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